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Workshops for CEO's, companies, government and military.

WORKSHOPS: 1 & 2 days

We work with clients to strengthen mental health and enhance workplace cultures. 

Leading A Health Work Environment Workshop (Preventing Harassment - a Leadership Imperative)

Co-instructed with Rear Admiral (Ret) & former Commanding Officer of Camp David, Michael Giorgione.  Highly interactive, proactive and revolutionary approach of recognizing, preventing and building individuals and organizations. By providing innovative content, relatable examples and concise strategic methods, this course builds cultures that are respectful, trustful and prosperous.

* Countering Insider Threat: Mental Health, Mindfulness & Mission Workshop Co-taught with retired CIA Chief of Counterintelligence (Ret) Karl Wagner and/or CIA Deputy Chief of Global Counterterrorism Rick Hotchner.  

* Leaders Empowering TRUST (Truth. Respect. Unity. Safety. Transparency.)

* Preventing Adverse Spiral (Stress. Depression. Addiction. Abuse. PTS. Thoughts of Suicide.)

* Transforming Biases & Bullies to Become Inclusive & Best Allies  Through Communication Skills

"Thank you for your excellent presentation regarding the prevention of workplace and sexual harassment. It is an honor and privilege to work with you." - Colorado Senate Majority Leader Chris Holbert


TRAINING: 1 - 3 hours

Want a shorter version of one of the workshops for a brown-bag lunch or a  morning meeting? 

We customize training topics to address your specific needs and goals. 

In Person  & Live Video Available

"...eye-opening...positive...pleasantly surprised on a typically unpleasant topic...would like to see more of this training every year...engaging in telling what we can do to make the workplace healthier for everyone..." - Business Leaders' Feedback



From 20 to 3,000, Abigail G. Manning engages audiences and encourages them to reflect and proactively make positive changes for a healthier and happier life both personally and professionally.

"Abigail was a captivating speaker  that kept our group engaged from beginning to end. She was open with the group about her experiences and as a result, the attendees felt comfortable to share their own personal experiences. This allowed attendees to learn in depth about how to apply healthy cultures in their businesses." - Alexa Pohl, Executive Director, TiE Denver

meet abigail G. Manning

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Abigail combines her double major in Communications (Cognitive, Social and Behavioral Theories) from Indiana University with extensive mental health studies, investigation of over 20 therapy modalities, certification in REAL Essentials Advanced, training in both ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences) and Trauma Informed Approach.

Having experienced childhood abuse, domestic violence and PTS, she authentically delivers researched-based and unique content to inspire and empower others with curriculum that is easy to understand and implement. 

She role-models how to build TRUST in self and with others through: Truth. Respect. Unity. Safety. Transparency. 

As a proud and supportive mother of a US Marine daughter and son, she is also keenly aware of military culture. 

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